Shining Stars Show Contestant Rules

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Shining Stars Contestant Rules

1. Show is open to legal residents of the state of Iowa with special needs up to age 30.

2. Professionals are NOT permitted to compete. This includes Union musicians and anyone whose principal source of income is from their talent. Compensation for performing at weddings, etc. does not constitute principle source of income.

3. To apply contestants must email and/or Applications are due by April 1st. 20 contestants will be selected and notified by email.

4. Acts must keep the performance to three minutes. Limit set up time to one minute.

5. No more than five persons are allowed in an act.  Piano accompanist is NOT included in an act and may be any age. No more than three accompanists permitted per act.  Drums, amps, etc. are discouraged due to the one-minute set-up time.  No combos, rock bands or similar musical groups permitted.

6. Acts will check in at appointed time for dress rehearsal.

7. Acts will need name, complete address, birth date, age, phone number (include area code), email and type of talent. Multiple acts need one member to act as a contact person with all information going through them. Additional members of the act need only birth date, age, and town.

8. Vocalists can perform with an accompanist or CD/Ipod/USB flashdrive. Prerecorded tracks should be instrumental only. Any prerecorded track with backing vocals is not allowed, and the act will be disqualified.

9. Looping (typically seen in vocal or instrumental performances) is allowed as part of an act as long as each loop is performed live on stage. Previously recorded loops will not be allowed. Looping equipment must be provided by the contestant.

10. Foul language is not allowed in the Bill Riley Talent Search. Acts performing to or singing pieces with inappropriate lyrics will be disqualified and the show coordinator should encourage performers to compete with a different song.

11. 10 acts will be selected to perform in a showcase at the Iowa State Fair on August 17, 2019.

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